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Thanks a lot to Zbynek Cepela (right) for all climbing activities and Philippe Bugada (left) for all climbing and writing activities o Crete !

Crete was only discovered as a mountain climbing venue in the 80s of the last century. Modern sport climbing there is still in its teething stages! The area around Kofinas is one of the best equipped climbing regions in Crete.

Half an hour’s journey by car from Kapetaniana and then 30 minutes’ walk (along the coast) you will find the climbing area of Agios Antonios. Superb rocks and cliffs right next to the sea and a sensational landscape! All tours in this area have been published in the climbing book "Crete - from North to South"!

Fotos from Cesare Ravaschietto (Dezember 2011) More fotos you will find here.

You will find a map and infos on www.climb-europe.com:

Click to Rock Climbing Greece, then Crete, then Kapetaniana !)


You will find detailed information in "Climbing on Kofinas" and "Climbing Guide". Under "Equipment" you will find tips on where to have your shoes or boots repaired or to buy new ones, namely from the Czech company Saltic!

We would be glad to advise you regarding flights (with our partner Melanie Haider), accommodation in Southern Crete, car rental from the airport, etc.

There are wonderful hiking trails around Kofinas. If you want to know more about them, visit our Crete hiking holiday pages.

....actually Crete is nice place and Capetaniana is the most well organized rock climbing area in Crete,........Aris Theodoropoulos, Athens

....we loved rock climbing on the beautiful white limestone near the south cost of Crete. The quality of the routes is very high and we highly recommend this area,

Jeanette and John, from Adelphi, Maryland, US