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Autour de Kofinas




In the Minoan Era (approximately 2,500 B.C.) there was a shrine on the peak of the mountain and on the saddle below there was a temple consecrated to Eileithyia, the Goddess of Fertility, in a place known as Metzolati.

Important finds from the area, for instance bronze votive objects, are now on display in museums in Athens and in the Archaeological Museum of Heraklion.

In Kapetaniana, the place where we live and run our small guesthouse Pension Kofinas, nestling in a fascinating landscape, the peacefulness of one of the most unspoilt Cretan villages awaits you on the southern flank of the Asteroussia Mountains. The village is located at about 800 m above sea level and provides a beautiful view of the incandescent waters of the Libyan Sea.
Here you have the opportunity to go on several easy or demanding hiking tours – with highlights such as climbing to the top of Mount Kofinas (1,236 m) -  Here you can view panorama photos taken from the peak of Mount Kofinas. Other highlights are a visit to Moni Koudouma monastery or coastal walks to the cave church of Agios Antonius and the eremite church of Agios Joannis.
The starting point of the hiking tours and for the climbing area is our guesthouse Pension Kofinas. Here you can also receive more detailed information about hiking routes (climbing guide is available in our house).

Today there is a stone chapel on the mountain consecrated to "Timion Stavron", which means the "upright cross", and each year on 14 September mass is celebrated on the peak, and in recent years increasing numbers of locals from nearby villages have made a pilgrimage to this service, carrying basil and loaves of bread to the top of the mountain, where they are consecrated and then eaten.
The view from the peak is superb: deep below you can just make out the monastery Moni Koudouma, which is a very popular place of pilgrimage. 

The whole area is also ideally suited to mountain biking. Our friends Markus and Tanja offer organised tours on Crete.