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On the secret seashore
white like a pigeon
we thirsted at noon;
but the water was brackish. On the golden sand
we wrote her name;
but the sea-breeze blew
and the writing vanished. With what spirit, what heart,
what desire and passion
we lived our life: a mistake!
So we changed our life.

From the collection The Turning Point. On many records it has the title On the Seashore.
Georgos Seferis

Impressions of Crete – pictures and descriptions from all over the island!

See photos of Crete and our hiking tours or climbing (thanks a lot to Cesare Ravaschietto for his fotos taken Dezember 2011, click English version and photos - climbing) in our photo galleries.

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Thanks a lot also to:

Erik Strauch (Enduro), Doris Homolka (journeys), Gerhard Hagn ( Panorama-Fotos and a lot more), Philippe Bugada (our guesthouse and climbing), Reinhard Ungersböck (Kreta and a lot more), Peter Bartke (the chief is cooking), Peter Logan (Ladakh, Crete), Wolfgang Altinger (Hiking, Cooking), Christian Hlade (Crete), Gerald Wüchner (olive harvest), Peter Asch (olive harvest), Edmund Stummer (olive harvest), Waldtraud Kutschera (hiking), Uli und Christine Hoppe (Miiddle-South Crete, Westcrete)!

Our panorama photos give you an impression of our beautiful chosen home.