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Culture and Sun Moving and Silence

Here you go hiking with experts!
We have been successfully organising hiking holidays in Crete, Rhodes, the Cyclades islands and Tunisia for 15 years.

We specialise in compiling individual hiking tours, and our strengths lie in our ability to cater for specific requirements.

About the island:

Rhodes is part of the "Dodekanes", and just 20 km far from the border to Turkey. Rhodes has a total area of 1.398 qm², a length of 78 km and width of 35 km. Inhabitants: about 110.000, the half of them are living in Rhodes City. He highest mountain is Ataviros (1.215 m)

History and Impressions

Most of the islands in the Agean Sea are really beautiful, but only Rhodes is called to be the most beautiful under the sun. Rhodes (Rodos in Greek) combines the cosmopolitan character of a contemporary city with the picturesque of the medieval town, which gives the impression of having been untouched by the passage of time.

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