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Beautiful, remote beaches can be reached via several off-road tracks. Look also photos from beaches in South Crete!

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... I awaken from my dreams as the stars fade away and the day comes to life with colour and light.

The rising sun in the East reveals the hunched shadows of an island in the Mediterranean.

I reach land and live in Crete!

Our guesthouse "Pension Kofinas" is located in the small Cretan mountain village Kapetaniana, perched like an eagle's nest at a height of 800 m at the foot of Mount Kofinas in the Asterousia Mountains.


The 150 inhabitants primarily live from breeding sheep and goats. There are a few apiarists, whose bees find ample nourishment to produce the delicious local honey amongst the low maquis which grows around Mount Kofinas and down to the coast. Here villagers still produce sea salt using traditional methods and carry it up to the village on mules along ancient salt routes.
Two Byzantine churches from 1403 bear witness to the importance of the village in times gone by.

Our guests can enjoy the beautiful view of the Libyan Sea, Gunnar's cuisine and the peace and quiet of this unspoilt village.

From here you can hike around Mount Kofinas, go climbing or also biking, or relaxing on beautiful beaches on the South Coast.

beautiful, remote beaches can be reached via several off-road tracks. The nearest beach (Agios Joannis) is approximately 25 minutes drive away (adventurous route through breathtaking countryside).