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... I awaken from my dreams as the stars fade away and the day comes to life with colour and light. The rising sun in the East reveals the hunched shadows of an island in the Mediterranean. I reach land and live in Crete!

Both of us were born in Lavanttal in Austria, and we got to know each other in Bad Gastein near Salzburg. We later began an Odyssey, with jobs in Saudi Arabia, East Germany and Russia. During a holiday in Crete we were so impressed by the mountains in the centre of the island that we settled in Kapetaniana, a tiny mountain farming village, 800 m above the Libyan Sea, in 1984.

Today our house (guesthouse) is the starting point and meeting place for hikers, climbers and mountainbikers, and the peace and quite of our village also attracts artists, musicians and writers, who come here to paint, compose and write.

After our many years of experience as hiking guides for different tour operators we naturally know our chosen home of Crete like the back of our hands.